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who we are


Terminals Holding is a leading provider of aviation
solutions. We observe and adhere to the highest ideals
of efficiency and flexibility. Terminals is a client-focused
commitment that is made to deliver support and
assistance whenever and wherever it is needed.


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Our team consists of top-notch experts with a long progressively developing experience in airport operations, ground handling, air traffic control, management, aviation law, regulatory and government affairs, IT solutions, finance, HR and marketing.

In synergy with other business units of our group of companies, we provide a whole ecosystem of aviation and other ancillary services across our innovative business portfolio.

Digital transformation is at the heart of our growth strategy. With a wide range of dedicated airport operations E-Systems already in place, we have embarked on their full integration and interoperability through a unique product that makes the difference.

We are flexible to changes and agile to cope with challenges. Emerging markets are challenging yet a great business canvas for innovation and development. Our team has a proven track record in turning the challenges to opportunities and bringing new values to our partners and regions we operate.


Brand Values

Global organization with a target to provide the full suite of services required to support a
sustainable aviation ecosystem
in the locations we operate.

Committed to providing quality
services and aviation solutions focused on emerging and developing markets.


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Brand Voice

what we do

Our Specialties

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