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What we do?

Consulting and Advisory Services


Airport Planning

Planning infrastructure that never stops raising the bar.
The growth and viability of an airport rely on a best practice plan that proves resilient to disruption and adaptable to change, while maintaining an attractive cost for users. Cairn Consulting support our airport partnersto efficiently plan and upgrade infrastructure through effective planning, design and delivery responding to industry change while enhancing competitiveness.

Passenger Experience

Designing world class experiences through a deep understanding of passenger needs.

World class experience starts with you understanding your customers and their journeys. Our team of passenger experience and service design specialists uncover what really matters to the passenger.

We work with our clients and partners to define, design and deliver end to end passenger experience improvement programmes that provide improved and tangible value to business and customer.

Aeronautical Revenue

Driving revenue growth and potential through airline and route development.

Our team has extensive experience in helping airports implement revenue growth strategies, reduce operating costs, and maximise operating efficiency of aviation assets.

We provide strategic advice to investors including assessment on the value of the airport asset and understanding of its untapped future potential for surplus infrastructure capacity or upside commercial opportunities.

Non-Aeronautical Revenue

Fuelling revenue from alternative sources.
Our team of business and retail specialists adopts a creative and collaborative approach in developing non-aeronautical strategies for airports, unlocking value and revenues available to the airport owners and investors through the entire real estate asset.

We plan strategy, layouts, locations, and sizes for airport retail spaces to maximise commercial return, tailoring solutions to align with traffic forecasts, passenger profiles and consumer and category trends. Our ability to achieve this is enhanced by our appreciation and analysis of how passengers, visitors and the airport community act within the airport environment.

Cargo and integrated logistics

Defining the critical path for movement from A to B.
We support aviation cargo industry service providers to reduce their costs and operate more efficiently, while maintaining performance and quality, in their ground operations. Our work provides clients with efficient handling processes, procedures and working practices, and effective operations planning techniques.

In busy ground operations, our skills enable cargo operators to make better use of available capacity, optimise resource utilisation, and improve service. When additional physical capacity is required, our air cargo consultants are equipped to provide facility design and planning expertise.

Operational Strategy and Airport Efficiency

From curb to cloud, designed for sustained optimization.
The focus for the Airport Operations is delivering a sustainable operation, driving high levels of efficiency and performance within the airport footprint.Adopting world class service standards and operating models.

We work with our clients to prepare them to operate a reliable, efficient, resilient and streamlined process for each and every touchpoint that the passenger will pass through on their journey, whilst also laying the building blocks of airport operation beyond the passenger touchpoints to realise this operational effectiveness.

Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT)

Enabling a smooth integration and transition of People, Process, Systems and Infrastructure.
ORAT is a tried and tested methodology that manages the risk associated with the opening or activation of any new facility, system or process. It’s a proven method by which asset owners and operators gain comprehensive familiarisationwith the facilities, systems and functions through focused review sessions, structured training, facility orientation, trialing exercises and meticulously planned migration.

Our approach brings international operations expertise and aims to integrate with your aspirations to consider the different aspects of your development to ensure a smooth transition and integration of People, Process, Systems and Infrastructure between your CONOPS and delivery of service at activation.

Airport Training

Provide industry recognised training programs to develop and upskill employees, increasingcapabilities.

As the airport landscape continually evolves, Cairn Consulting provides training platforms ensuringairport staff are provided with quality training solutions updated to accurately reflect the latest changes within the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) and associated guidance materials.

This practice ensures that all staff are aware of applicable regulations and have the required competencies to be effective and efficient within their roles.

Technical Services

We provide suite of professional technical services to aviation related organisations and hospitality industry including:

• Terminal Developments
• Airport Development – cargo facilities, airside    upgrades, landside development.
• Retail Fit Out (shopping malls & airports)
• Hotel Development

What We Do – Terminals Holding LLC